Continuing Airworthiness

AASSA assures the aircraft's continued airworthiness, by the coordination of the approved maintenance program with other special inspections, AD's and SB's.


We perform avionics maintenance, modifications and repairs, as per our approved ratings.

Engineering, Design Aprovals, Alterations & Repairs

Our team of engineers analyze and deliver modifications approved by the applicable Authority.

Management System

AASA’s management system for maintenance operations ensures:

  • management of safety and quality in maintenance operations;
  • supervision and control of maintenance operations, maintenance operations functions and other associated activities;
  • compliance with standards of the Operator and requirements of the State and other applicable authorities


Our licensed Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics follow AASSA’s approved training program for

  • Type Training in Line and Base Maintenance i.a.w. ATA 104 Level III
  • Task Training according to Task Complexity in the aircraft under our certificate.